BIM Management


One of the clearest differences between a traditional project and a BIM project is that the processes are no longer sequential, they are integrated. Before, agents would be introduced to the project when their task started, but with BIM their inclusion is brought forward and can influence the project, adding value.

As BIM Managers, APOGEA creates a work environment that optimises collaborative development for building projects and civil works that plan development and delivery in BIM. The following tasks form part of our BIM services:

  • We coordinate and manage workflows for all agents involved in the project.
  • We analyse processes and software used by each of the parties involved and establish new workflows aiming for more efficient interoperability.
  • We analyse and coordinate the information exchanges that take place over the course of the project.
  • We create a Common Data Environment (CDE) that contains all project information and determines the user access levels for each of the agents.
  • We recommend nomenclature and coding so that all agents “speak the same language”.
  • We extract data that are vital for decision making during the project.
  • We audit BIM models to ensure content is correct and all necessary information included.

We use the following tools to undertake our BIM Management tasks:

  • BIM Execution Plan (BEP): a key document that acts as the backbone of all processes that are part of a BIM project.
  • Slack: real-time communication platform.
  • Bizagi: business process management (BPM) tool for project planning.
  • BEP Manager: an APOGEA-designedweb platform that provides access to BIM models so that they can be reviewed, and which does not require a software licence.
  • Solibri Model Checker: BIM model quality management software.

Our overall objective is to ensure that all agents involved in the project only have to focus on the tasks that they were contracted for. We achieve this by making it easier for them to interact and share information with one another.

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